The CSSW Hyman and Sophie Grossbard Clinical Lecture Program

Dr. Hyman Grossbard was a highly esteemed and much beloved member of the CUSSW faculty from 1952 until his retirement in 1973 as professor emeritus. During his professional career he was a clinical director of the Hawthorne Cedar Knolls School and a member of many social agency advisory boards.  He served as an examiner for the New York City Board of Education in the placement of candidates in school social casework and supervisory positions.  He was greatly published in the areas of delinquency, residential treatment centers and other issues concerning the welfare of youth. Professor Grossbard earned a rabbinical degree in Lithuania, a Bachelors degree from Teachers College and was become a CSSW alum 1937.  In 2001, we honored his contributions through his induction as a CSSW Pioneer.

For 64 years, Hyman Grossbard was married to Sophie Maroz Grossbard who was also a CSSW graduate. Sophie Grossbard worked and taught lifelong in New York City as a social worker for the Department of Public Welfare.

Through the generous gifts of the Grossbard family and friends, the Hyman and Sophie Grossbard Clinical Lecture was created.  This lecture program allows us to bring into CSSW leading experts in clinical practice to enrich our educational experience.


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