Conference Materials

CSSW is glad to offer the following materials and recordings of the DSM-5 Conference at Columbia School of Social Work, offered on December 6th, 2013, by the Advanced Clinical Practice area with support from the Hyman and Sophie Grossbard Clinical Lecture program.

Video of the Keynote Address

Please note that due to the potential for proprietary conflicts, only the Keynote Address and closing panel have been made available. We thank you for your understanding.


Please note that not all of the Powerpoints are available and some of them have been modified. Please click on the links below to view the Powerpoints for each of the available presentations.

Keynote Speakers

The Evolution of DSM – Janet Williams, PhD, MSSW

Critical Overview of DSM-5 – Michael First, MD


Substance Abuse Disorders – Allen Zweben, PhD

Trauma and Stress Induced Disorders – Lynn Michalopoulos, PhD

Mood and Anxiety Disorders – Robin Gearing, PhD

DSM-5 Psychotic Disorders – Pascale Jean-Noel, LMSW

V-Codes & Section 3 of the DSM-5 – Lorraine Pirro, LCSW


Michael First and Janet Williams Podcast


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